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On August 18th, 2022, a little after 9 pm, 28 women gathered on a street in a  neighbourhood in Cape Town. Some knew each other from encounters at work, university and the neighbourhood, but many others were simply strangers to each other.  At exactly 9 pm the entire neighbourhood had gone into load shedding. The streets were pitch dark, filled with just whispers and anxious laughs of strangers willing to walk for hours in the streets of one of the most unsafe cities in the world. We were to walk for approximately two hours, navigating streets that we as women had never dared to walk at night, and seldom in the day.

Get to Know Us


We walk, because we can! We are currently walking once a month, in different neighbourhoods of Cape Town, South Africa.

We realized that our walks are about much more than just strolling through Cape Town's streets. Beyond the physical act of walking, our walks are filled with conversations, voices, and chit chat. Every walker has their unique story, experience and motivation to join the walks. It is in this spirit that we aim to create a space for this ongoing dialogue and want to introduce to you: 

Women Talk @Midnight

Women Talk @Midnight is an online platform where we can share our stories, experiences, photos and reflections.

We invite you to dive into the narratives of walkers, to understand the transformative power of these walks, and to share your own stories of navigating the night. 

Join us and let's continue to amplify the vocies of women across Cape Town and beyond. 


Check out the forum, leave a comment, share a post, send an email.

Get in touch with us and share your own story, your words matter here.


We are excited to hear from you! 

YouTube | The Womxn Show: Women Walk at Midnight | Cape Town TV 

Walking in India






Make sure to check out the blog of our forerunner initiative We Walk at Midnight India 



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